Songbird Hearing Aids are a rip off

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My husband has a hearing problem resulting from the type of work he use to do. He was tested recently and told he needed a hearing aid for his right ear. It was going to be around $3000. We don't have that kind of money so he opted to try Songbird that had been advertising a lot at that particular time.

We sent for their "deluxe" model for around $250. He wore it only when we were at home and watching a movie so the voices would be much clearer for him. He cleaned it and took care of it like it was recommended.

It worked great...for a while. Then all of a sudden it quit working. We bought new batteries for it but it still didn't work. We called Songbird and they said to send it back and they would check it out. They had it for 3 months and each time we contacted them they said it was being shipped back to us. They said we needed to buy a new ear piece because the other one had wax build up in it.

We purchased a new ear piece but we waited and waited for them to send it back. Finally, after many calls to them, it came back.

My husband wore it for about a month (which was maybe 4 times) and cleaned it like he had done before after each use but it quit working again.

We decided this was a rip off and he does without a hearing aid.



We are very sorry that you had a difficult experience with your device and our service.We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer support and a very liberal return policy.

We want you to know that we do not take these issues lightly.Please contact our customer service department at and ask that they forward your note to Jennifer at the corporate offices and I will personally work with you to make this right.

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